Testimonial – 1253

We were first introduced to Natural Cement products approximately 15 years ago, and the product we most use at Preservation Treatments is Natcem 35.  It is one of those unique products.  I think every plasterer and operative should gain experience in using it and always have a couple of bags on their vans.  It is a very good “get you out of trouble” waterproofing product.  One area where it excels, is the waterproofing of lift-pits.  Lift-pits can be troublesome and the fact that Natcem 35 sets hard, so quickly, means that any leaks can be controlled and stopped without the new material being pushed off.  Understanding Natcem 35, and other Natural Cement products, is vital due to the way in which they work; so when Phil says “add some Jif lemon juice to the mix” to allow down the hardening process of Natcem 35, especially in hot weather, believe him!