Waterproofing Of Patio & Roof Deck

Olympic Construction recently used our Natcem 35 material to waterproof the patio and roof deck of a house and adjacent workshop in the picturesque Chew Valley. Here is Adrian’s own account of the the work that they carried out.

“For a number of years our client has suffered continuous water ingress through the roof deck of his work shop making it unusable, despite numerous attempts by various contractors to address the problem.

Finally, he contacted us at Olympic Construction as we are a PCA registered water proofing designer. Following an inspection it soon became obvious to our surveyor what the issues were and a bespoke waterproofing design and method statement were produced for the client.

The first course of action was to strip back and remove the incorrect systems installed by unqualified contractors, to expose the underlying concrete, with waterproofing the correct preparation is very important.

We installed Natural Cement’s Natcem 35 as the primary waterproofing systemwhich is a fast setting /curing waterproofing material.
This was applied to the full roof system in one day at a thickness of 100mm, having the benefit of allowing continuity over both the installed concrete slab and the perimeter brickwork, yet still allow the parapet walls to be constructed and incorporated in the waterproofing barrier.

Once the water proofing systems were installed, the brick walls were reconstructed and the flagged area reinstated, to allow full use of the patio area and views of Chew valley, the workshop was dry and usable despite being tested by many days of driving rain.”