Natcem 35 the Ideal Solution for Frescrete in Freezing Temperatures

Natural Cement’s Natcem 35 and Natcem AC have been used successfully through the winter months for Concrete Repairs to Tower Blocks in Leeds.

The rapid setting and curing nature of Natural Cement products proved to be a key factor to Leeds based specialist Concrete Repair contractor Frescrete, in securing the project.

Repairs were carried out to Steel Balustrades and Concrete Deck which had suffered the effects of corrosion. As the project took place from October to February it meant working in freezing temperatures which made Natural Cement products the ideal solution.

Natcem 35, (which was used for the bulk of the repairs) is a Natural Cement based Concrete Repair mortar that sets after 35 minutes, followed by a rapid strength gain – without the addition of any chemical additives.

The product can be used down to 0℃ as standard and has been installed in temperatures as low as -14℃, meaning progress was not delayed on the project through cold winter temperatures. The initial set of Natcem 35 can be sped up by mixing with warm water in winter and alternatively in the summer months it can be slowed by mixing with cold water.

The high early strengths of Natural Cement products and the fact they do not require a curing period meant temporary walkway fencing was not required as repairs were cured and ready to put back into service by the end of each working shift. This resulted in a substantial cost saving for both the contactor and client.

The project was completed on schedule in February 2021 with around 2.5 ton of Natural Cement products used, supplied through specialist distributor EPMS Supplies.

Frescrete Ltd is part of the Fresco Group or companies and are Approved Applicators of Natural Cement products. For more information on Natural Cement concrete repair systems or becoming an approved applicator please contact our office on 01226 381133 or email