Rapid Turnaround on Lift Pit Waterproofing

Hull based contractor Cook Group Ltd recently used Natural Cement’s Natcem 35 mortar for a waterproofing project in Ferryhill, County Durham. The product formed part of their waterproofing solution for a Lift Pit on the site of a new build Care Home.

The Natcem 35 was trowel applied at a minimum of 10mm thickness in order to provide a stabilising coat within the lift pit prior to the application of a Structural Waterproofing Membrane. Although Natcem 35 is a waterproofing system in its own right, the application of a secondary waterproofing material in the form of the membrane provided added protection on this project.

By applying the Natcem 35 to the pit they were able to provide a smooth and stable coat of waterproof & sulphate resistant mortar allowing for the successful bonding of further products as seen in the pictures below.








Due to the fast setting and curing properties of the Natcem 35 the works were completed in just one working shift, thereby not compromising the main contractor’s programme deadlines for following trades and also saving on costly return visits to site.

When used for tanking, Natcem 35 can be applied in one coat at a minimum of 10mm thickness. The material has been used successfully for waterproofing a variety of below ground structures including Lift Pits, Basements, Swimming Pools, Reservoirs and Tunnels.  As with all of our Natural Cement materials the product is based on an environmentally friendly Natural Cement binder, not OPC and contains no chemical additives.

Once the product has reached its initial set (35 mins @ 20 degrees) it does not require an additional curing period and can be over-coated as soon as one hour after set, making it ideally suited for this particular project.

Cook Group Ltd are a long-established Building Preservation and Structural Waterproofing contractor and approved applicators of Natural Cement products. They cover East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire and will travel anywhere in the UK for specialist waterproofing or ground gas membrane projects. You can find more information on the services they offer on their website cookgroupltd.co.uk

If you are interested in receiving training on our Natural Cement based tanking systems or becoming an Approved Applicator please contact our office on 01226 381133 or email enquiries@naturalcement.co.uk for more information.