Fish Friendly Scottish River

In January 2015 scour prevention work needed to be completed on the railway bridge that runs alongside the M8 over the Blackcart Water in Renfrewshire.

Amco Rail were required to carry out the work and find a way to complete the job within a set time scale without having too much effect on the environment.
Amco had some initial problems with getting access to the land and as the river is tidal work needed to be carried out as quickly as possible. We asked Amco why they chose Natcem 35 for this particular project they told us:

“We knew that Natcem 35 would be an ideal product to use having used it previously on other jobs”

“ its quick setting properties meant we could get the job done quickly and without it having too much effect on the natural environment.”

Our Natcem 35 contains no added chemicals and is completely safe to use in rivers and streams like Blackcart Water where there is a large amount of Brown Trout and Salmon numbers are on the increase.
Another advantage of Natcem 35 is that there is no need for the cement to be mixed with water prior to using it. The Natcem 35 was mixed with a chip mix and then added to environmentally friendly sandbags. The moisture content of the mix was enough to set the Natcem 35 inside the bag which was then placed inside gabion baskets and secured in place around the foundations of the bridge.

Blackcart Water in Renfrewshire