Case Studies

Woolwich Jetty – TFL

Transport for London (TFL) awarded a concrete repair package to Concrete Repairs Ltd (CRL) which involved the full inspection and repair of the Woolwich ferry jetty. The Woolwich Ferry is an important free service that links Woolwich with North Woolwich and has been in operation since 1965. The refurbishment package involved carrying out repairs to… Read More

Waterproofing Of Patio & Roof Deck

Olympic Construction recently used our Natcem 35 material to waterproof the patio and roof deck of a house and adjacent workshop in the picturesque Chew Valley. Here is Adrian’s own account of the the work that they carried out. “For a number of years our client has suffered continuous water ingress through the roof deck of his work shop making it… Read More

Flood Resilient House

Natural Cement Distribution have been closely involved with the flood resilience project being headed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and attended the VIP launch at the demonstration house in Watford. The ‘Resilient House’ has been developed by BRE to demonstrate how simple alterations can make homes and businesses more resilient to future flooding, as… Read More

The Bleaton Hallet Bridge

The Bleaton Hallet Bridge which crosses the Black Water is a vital link between the A93 and Alyth and is situated north of Bridge of Cally in Perthshire Scotland. The bridge was severely damaged by Storm Frank on 30th December 2015 when stormy weather brought heavy rain fall and flooding to the north of England and Scotland,… Read More

Saving Time at Colwell Tunnel

Natural Cements Shotcrete 430F dry spray was used earlier in the year to refurbish the Colwall new tunnel one of two tunnels that run under the Malvern Hills connecting Malvern wells in Worcestershire with Colwall in Herefordshire. The original passenger tunnel was started in 1853 and was opened in Sept 1861. Progress was slow at… Read More

Ideal solution for EDS Ltd

Edwards Diving Services Ltd were appointed to undertake repairs to an effluent sump tank at a large steelworks site in South Wales. The tank contains both sulphuric acid and caustic soda when it is operational. The concrete soffit of the tank had suffered severe damage in areas where the acid had come in to prolonged… Read More

Fish Friendly Scottish River

In January 2015 scour prevention work needed to be completed on the railway bridge that runs alongside the M8 over the Blackcart Water in Renfrewshire. Amco Rail were required to carry out the work and find a way to complete the job within a set time scale without having too much effect on the environment. Amco… Read More

White City Development

You have assembled the new bridge alongside the new one. Now it must be moved, on Teflon pads, 25 metres into the slot over a railway line. All this to be completed over a long weekend, without closing the tube lines running beneath! This is exactly what happened between 29th July and 1st August 2005… Read More


Natural Cement Distribution Ltd. recently received an enquiry for advice on the use of their natural cement based binder materials for either grouting or pressure pointing from EarthTec/Morrison regarding their contract at Swallownest. This project was being carried out on behalf of Railtrack and involved the refurbishment of an old brick culvert running beneath a… Read More

Hurst Brook

The Hurst Brook which carries water from the Pennine hills passes through Glossop town centre. During the construction of the Town Hall, in the 18th Century, it was decided to Culvert a length of the river to extend the market place and provide a space for parking. The Culvert was constructed using masonry sidewalls with… Read More