The benefits of Natural Cement

Manufactured in the UK, Natural Cement products are based on 200 year old technology brought into the 21st Centrury.

We manufacture and distribute products based on a natural cement based binder which has been in use for over 200 years. Natural Cement Distribution Ltd’s head office is based in Yorkshire, England.

Natural Cement Distribution manufacture a range of mortars, grouts, Gunite and concrete repair products based on a natural binder which has been in use successfully for over 200 years. Our unique materials are used in the Construction, Rail, Civil Engineering, Water and Utilities industries throughout the UK ↦ Worldwide.

There are no chemical additives involved in the manufacturing of Natural Cement based products which makes them some of the most environmentally friendly cementitious products available.

The products are low carbon, chemically resistant, waterproof and have proven to be great time savers due to their rapid strength gain and curing times. They are especially useful in wet & cold environments with a number of products Reg 31 approved for potable water applications with only 30 minutes curing after set.

Natural Cement based products have no shelf life, can be used down to and below 0°c, they require no grit blasting, steel primers or bonding & curing agents, making them some of the most cost effective materials on the market.

If you would like to see a practical demonstration of our products follow the YouTube link.

Fast setting with high early strength gain

The products have proven to be environmentally friendly, chemically resistant, easy to use, and time saving. They are especially useful in wet & cold environments. Fast setting with high early strength gain is a standard feature of all products. Solutions for site specific problems are available. Get the Materials you need


Our UK based friendly and professional staff are all trained to offer you the best possible advice on the most suitable product for your requirement. Advice on bespoke products is also available. Our products are supplied to customers ranging from large international companies to single individuals.

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Your order can be delivered to practically anywhere in the world. For the UK mainland a range of delivery options are available and can be selected direct from our website. For deliveries to Northern/Southern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and International, please contact our office for a quotation. GET THE MATERIALS YOU NEED


"Here at Cook Group we routinely use Natcem 35 as part of our waterproofing systems that we deliver on many new build sites across the UK. We find the quick-drying nature of Natcem 35 allows us to install our waterproofing systems without unnecessary delays to the Clients programme. We are yet to have a failure on any project where Natcem 35 has been used and we are very happy to say this! The support from the office is impeccable, be it technical assistance or simply a fast delivery needed. We keep pallets of Natcem 35 & Natcem Tank in stock and we do not hesitate in recommending the products to industry colleagues."
Richard Hall - Cook Group
"Great storage life, adaptable and very versatile products. Our guys really like Natcem Tank and Natcem 35, especially as small jobs can be started and completed in a day."
David Woodhouse - Tony Flower & Associates
"Natcem 35/AC enabled Frescrete, with continuity, to undertake works in sub-zero temperatures. Helps win contracts (minimises waiting times between each process) due to fast curing properties within their mortars allowing any repair to be started finished and coated within the same working shift. It has given Frescrete a winning formula in securing a large contract in Leeds, undertaking a high quantity of floor repairs in a food factory. We could offer our client minimal disruption with fast curing times allowing them to continue production within an hour of completing each section of repairs."
Joshua McKinley, Contracts Manager - Frescrete
"A very efficient company and 100% trust these products, we use them daily and have for many years. The team are always helpful and professional, we have always had a pleasant experience with Natural Cement. Would highly recommend to anyone, they are one of the best!"
Chloe McCourt - Precision Plastering & Damproofing Ltd
"We love Natural Cement! We use Natcem 35 regularly for damp works and remedial jobs where the fast setting times and near bombproof finish have proved to be a massive help. Natcem 35 saves us time on small plastering jobs which is a benefit to the customer and us."
Tom Dear - Timberwise
"We have been using Natural Cement products for over 10 years. Not only are the products consistently great quality, but the support from the staff is second to none, you can always speak to someone in the office to gain technical support and specification guidance. We ensure that our plasterers always carry Natcem 35, as due to its rapid curing time and high strength, it is a product that can be used in a wide range of applications."
Paul Evans - Preservation Treatments
"We were first introduced to Natural Cement products approximately 15 years ago, and the product we most use at Preservation Treatments is Natcem 35.  It is one of those unique products.  I think every plasterer and operative should gain experience in using it and always have a couple of bags on their vans.  It is a very good “get you out of trouble” waterproofing product.  One area where it excels, is the waterproofing of lift-pits.  Lift-pits can be troublesome and the fact that Natcem 35 sets hard, so quickly, means that any leaks can be controlled and stopped without the new material being pushed off.  Understanding Natcem 35, and other Natural Cement products, is vital due to the way in which they work; so when Phil says “add some Jif lemon juice to the mix” to allow down the hardening process of Natcem 35, especially in hot weather, believe him!"
David Morton - Preservation Treatments
"We regularly use Natural Cement products for projects that require a cementitious solution. A lot of our work involves working near water courses and the additional environmental considerations, lend themselves to the use of these safer products. The rapid cure time and strength gain is also a major consideration when tidal working. The staff at Natural Cement are always helpful & professional and the products meet all specifications needed to complete our jobs."
Jason Carter - Oxford Hydrotechnics
"I would like to thank your company for the excellent CPD presentation that was given by your Phil Richardson. Phil soon demonstrated he is well aware of the value and technical qualities of your products and the problems associated with poor detailing and workmanship, he also had a pleasant way of passing on the merits to other people, so please pass on our sincere thanks for a very interesting and technical lecture. Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for the buffet that was presented, and was enjoyed by all of the members present!"
Peter J Smyth - The Institute of Clerks of Works & Construction Inspectorate of GB Inc
"EDS work in a variety of difficult access locations (including confined spaces and underwater), often with limited time available due to tidal or water flow constraints or with customers who want to limit downtime on their assets. NatCem35 provides us with a perfect solution of an easy to use product which provides rapid strength and early set – getting the job done to a high standard in the minimum time necessary. With a large team and expensive temporary works equipment on site, time is money, and so Natural Cement products are the perfect solution to ensuring we can work efficiently and effectively. We also appreciate the technical support from the team and rapid shipping which has been a saviour more than once!"
Steve Richings, Commercial Director - Edwards Diving Services Ltd